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Imagine a world where you can step into a vibrant three-dimensional universe, customize your digital identity, and connect with others in real time. Our team of professionals, including marketers, film directors, developers, designers, game designers, etc, has brought this vision to life. Developed in UNITY and compatible with iOS and Android, AXESS by AXE is redefining the way we interact and play.

Since its launch, this platform developed to Unilever has proven its popularity, with over +100k users. What sets this project apart, is a robust virtual economy, powered by AXE Coins a Play-to-Earn system with exciting platform activities or codes distributed on Social Media.

One of the standout features is a unique QR code redemption system, allowing users to exchange their AXE Coins for tangible real-world items and concert tickets. It's not just a virtual experience; it's a journey filled with real-world rewards: A Phygital Experience.

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